Gold Ships - new live video

Perhaps we like to do things in an odd order. We are preparing our 4th album for release in April. This song - Gold Ships - will probably be the opener of album #5. Anyway, still experimenting with the world…

The Lost Famous - single

Our new single The Lost Famous is now exclusively available on BandCamp; releases broadly on 1 January 2021. 

Off our forthcoming album Making Of Harvest. 

Tin Pan: out and about

Our second album Tin Pan is now available on all major music purchasing and streaming sites. Consistently of 11 tracks, all compositions from 2020.  

Click here for links to various sites or on any familiar icons on this website. 

New Album: Tin Pan

Hey Folks 

To recognise the great work of BandCamp and our followers on there, we are very pleased to make our new album Tin Pan exclusively available on BandCamp from today. It is scheduled to be formally and broadly released…

Remembrance Day 11 November

Tomorrow, the 11th day of the 11th month is Remembrance Day, or Veterans' Day in the USA. A time to reflect about those who lost their lives in conflict. 

Perhaps have a (re-)listen to A Letter From The Front. A…

Small Town News - Single off next album

Whether there's something in the water, in the air, in the ether ... 2020 has continued to see us write well together, even better than when we lived in the same country it seems! So much so that we've decided…

Shout Out on Spotify!

Today we made a playlist on Spotify with some relatively new, upcoming (and good!) artists who have interacted with us pre-release on BandLab, ReverbNation...   

The playlist also acknowledges some established artists, including who chose to follow us on social media

Jumbotown - amid stream!!!

So excited to see our inaugural 13-track album Jumbotown now streaming on all major platforms. 

Spotify link here but click on your favourite player icon from this website to play it alongside your regular playlists. 

Enjoy!!! Thanks for your support